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Cretaceous limestones at Lutyi Dol, right side of the Iskar Gorge

Vertical beds of the Cretaceous limestone at Lutyi Dol

View down to the Iskar Gorge

Bottom of the Iskar Gorge.

Silurian black shales with graptolites

Flaggy Silurian shale

Silurian shales - bedding and cleavage

Octavites spiralis


Bottom of the Iskar Gorge.

Bedding in the Silurian shale

Oxidation (iron staining) on the surface of Silurian shales

Lepidodendron impression in the carboniferous sandstone

Plant remains in the Carboniferous sandstone

Outcrop of Devonian grey shales

Devonian shales. Outcrop detail

Paleozoic ophiolites