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Estuary of the Kwanza River, Angola

Estuary of the Kwanza River ( Angola, 70 km South of Luanda). Beach sediments (1) are sandy silts with mica. Darker spots (2) – accumulation of fine plant detritus. Hyacinths (3) brought from the headwaters of the river and thrown on the beach. The width of the estuary in that location is approximately 500 m. Erosianal headland (4) in the background formed by rocks of the Kalahari Formation (?) is on the beach. To the right of it is an erosional surface of the marine Holocene terrace (5) and the mouth of the river (6) partly blocked by a storm-formed sand bar. Person on the beach Dr. A. V Surkov. Photo by Oleg Khotylev, Moscow State University.